How to keep your skin healthy and glowing this Ramadan

Ramadan the time of the year when you dramatically change everything, from your sleeping patterns to eating habits down to your beauty regimen. As you fast and change up your daily routine, you need to pay extra attention to skincare in order to keep your skin, healthy, glowing and hydrated throughout the Holy Month.

We sought advice from Bio-Oil’s Dr. Hammad Ahmed Bhatti as well as experts from Parisian beauty maison Guerlain to give us practical tips on keeping your skin silky smooth this festive season.


A balanced diet rich in fiber and foods full of different antioxidants such as different fresh fruits, dry fruits, meat and fish etc. can help to maintain the elasticity and luster of your skin. Try to avoid fried and sugary food which saturate your stomachs and lead to put on weight at the end. Moreover, a balanced diet will never make your skin dry and dull.


Whatever is the change in your food, sleep and job routine, never compromise on your daily skin care. Bio-Oil will help your skin retain moisture and leave it soft and supple and witness a blatant improvement in one’s complexion.

For those who require a multi-step approach to their nightly regimen, start with a preparation agent such as Guerlain’s Super Aqua Replumping Toner, which quenches the skin and prepares it for a deep hydration. Follow it up with an application of the Abeille Royale Oil, whose light cooling texture instantly penetrates the epidermis and is quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving it firm, lifted and smoothed. Finally, the cap off your ritual with Super Aqua BB Cream for long lasting, full hydration and SPF protection.


Although it is difficult to go regularly to the gym to follow a full exercise program along with fasting, a 30 minutes daily brisk walk well after dinner may help to keep you active and keep your skin vibrating and fresh.


As all the routine is changed during this month and most of the people get less time to sleep, you must try to get proper sleep of 7-8 hours. If you don’t get time to sleep at night, you may have a nap in the afternoon. Your skin will look real fresh without dark circles around your beautiful eyes after a regular and proper sleep.

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