Runway Notebook: MB Fashion Week Madrid – Entry #3


Subdued, romantic hues together with enchanting floral prints are the order of the day for Juan Vidal’s AW 2015 showcase in Madrid. Ruffled sheer fabrics combined with wool and feathers give the line an overall intriguing appeal. Sport luxe, while still imposing its fashion relevance, get a feminine redux with floral bomber jackets and high-tops in a satin shimmer finish.

Post by La Moda Dubai.


Martin flies the avian fashion fixation to new heights in her Fall 2015 collection, incorporating retro prints, jungle patterns with albatross appliques. For evening wear, the line features sheer lace for a mysterious, delicate yet confident vibe.

Post by La Moda Dubai.


Nieto’s Fall 2015 collection follows the “Hail London” trend with a nod to the city’s world-renowned urban grit aesthetic. A more polished line than Roberto Verino‘s, Nieto highlights beautiful textures, prints and hides in his must-shop pieces.

Post by La Moda Dubai.

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