Who wants Christian Louboutin’s Dh3,000 nail polish?

In today’s episode of WTF beauty news, Christian Louboutin has released a follow-up product to his well-received collection of nail polish packaged in Thai dancer claw bottles. Priced at $50 a pop, the maison’s entry into the beauty market was seen by skeptics as an exorbitant extension of the highly-focused shoe brand.

Well, that $50 bottle now seems like loose change compared to the limited edition polish that they’ve announced for the holiday gifting season – the Starlight. At Dh 3,320 (or $900), we have no idea who’s crazy enough to want to buy this ridiculous marvel of market engineering, especially when you realize that this costs more than some of Christian Louboutin’s actual shoes.

But hey, if you like leather and 1,500 hand-applied crystals on an extremely blingy bottle of laquer that you’re never going to use, we’re not stopping you from buying it.

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